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The Celerio takes the proverb ‘dynamite comes in small packages’ to a whole new level. This superb piece of engineering may be small in body, but it’s loaded with big ideas, and huge potential to make everyday life richer and much more fun. With an unexpectedly roomy cabin and larger-than-you- would-expect luggage space, the Celerio not only delivers the ease of driving that compact cars are known for, but also sets a new standard for compact cars, exceeding all expectations.


Get ready to go large with the Celerio’s premium looks and dynamic styling, that will introduce you to a new way of driving across the local urban landscape. Explore all the extra-large possibilities presented by this little- big, fuel-efficient car. So fill it up with fuel, friends and luggage, and enjoy the ride.

EXTRA COMFORT Not only is getting in and out easy, but there’s a lot more to the Celerio’s sleek and stylish interior design than meets the eye. The flowing curves of the dashboard merging with the rest of the interior adds a premium feel to the cabin.

Bluetooth* Keep your hands firmly on the steering wheel when you connect to the built-in Bluetooth with hands-free controls. Steering-mounted Audio

Controls* Turn up the volume and enjoy without having to take your eyes off of the road, with steering mounted controls, for easy entertainment without excessive distraction. Remote Control

Entry* Enjoy the convenience of opening all doors at the push of a button, or set it up to open only the driver door. Multi-Information Display Enjoy the multi-information display feature which shows useful information, such as instantaneous or average fuel consumption, a digital clock, and the remaining kilometres before you need to refuel. Air Conditioning All our models are equipped with air-con and heaters, to ensure you have a comfortable drive, no matter what the weather.


The Celerio is a small car with a big personality. Designed to change the way you live and drive, this practical and spacious five-seater is a great fit for the girls, the boys, and the families. The substantial cabin, with more than enough room to move about, is designed to make any drive comfortable for every passenger – much more so than one is accustomed to from a small car.