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Swiftly yours

We’ve taken one of our most popular models and evolved it into two affordable, unpretentious and functional, yet refined vehicles. With a quiet engine and effective cabin insulation, the Swift DZire Sedan and Swift 1.2 Hatch now boast the refinement you expect from a quality small vehicle.

Great features get better

The Swift DZire and Swift 1.2 Hatch’s modern design presents an attractive and instantly recognisable car. The interior is sensibly presented, turning the simple yet elegant and ergonomically designed cabin layout into the perfect place to explore your heart’s desires.

As good looking as it is fun to drive

The Swift DZire and Swift 1.2 Hatch are not only designed to be driven but also to be thoroughly enjoyed. High-level features and easy-on-the-eye good looks mean nothing without the driving pleasure and performance to match. This ultra-responsive vehicle is also coupled to one of the most fuel efficient engines in its class.

Designed for Comfort

The Swift DZire and Swift 1.2 Hatch prove easy to drive in everyday situations. The steering is light but accurate, while the brakes, gearshift and minor controls require little effort to operate. Ride quality is pleasingly supple around town and stable at speed, exceeding all expectations. The Swift 1.2 petrol engine is ready and willing, also allowing for stress-free highway cruising. Let’s go!


If you like driving, and enthusiastically so, then the dynamic Swift 1.2 and Swift Dzire were created just for you. The driving pleasure and sharp dynamics of the Swift makes every feature a head-turning one.